The Services We Offer

When something goes wrong with our devices, the first thing that crosses our mind is the cost of a replacement. The second thing is the cost of a repair. We make it a solemn guarantee that our price list goes unmatched, and pride ourselves in taking the anxiety away from the aftermath of any accident.

Services, from device to device, vary a great deal. Below is only a short summary of the basic services and charges applied – and we are confident that they are extremely reasonable. Please, also remember, that unlike many other repair shops, we offer a free health check along with powerful benchmarking and stress test programmes, that reliably ensure your system is performing to its maximum potential.

My phone screen is smashed – can you fix it?

Almost certainly. Phones vary, but we are experienced in the build and repair of all the major brands. Often, a broken display means that the digitiser has also been damaged, and this will need replacing, also, in order to restore the touchscreen. This is still a process in which our staff are fully qualified in performing.

How long does a computer repair take?

That depends entirely on the device and on the reason for the repair. A laptop or base unit, with issues found to be virus-specific, may only take a couple of hours to repair. Hardware issues can be caused by simple driver conflicts and be sorted out in a short space of time, also. Rather specific damage, on the other hand, may require more extensive testing, but we do our best to have your computer ready to take home the same day, and if not the following morning.

Can I have a free health check and solve the problem myself?

Of course – that is part and parcel of our guarantee, to you. Our health check pin-points issues within your system, and we gladly explain to you what it has found. We offer to fix those issues on site, or allow you to investigate the matter yourself. That is part of our commitment to the customer.

Do you do call outs?

Yes, we do. We have a standard call out charge of £30, and can carry out the vast majority of checks within your home. In most cases, we can repair the device at your home, but in some cases – if the problem is deeper routed, or hardware related – we may need to take the device to our repair shop.

Is my data safe?

We take privacy extremely seriously. We only need to deal with conflicting drivers and malicious code. If a data back-up is required (and provided free of charge before any major alteration), you can rest assured that that data is kept secure and encrypted.

Our Guarantee

At PC Repair Derby, we believe that we offer one of the most affordable and comprehensive package of services available. We stop at nothing in ensuring that your computer or device is behaving as it should, and that performance has been severely optimised.

If, however, you decide to take your device elsewhere, and receive a better price for repair or performance optimisation than we can offer, then we will do our utmost to beat that price.

We treat every device as though it was one of our own, ensuring that it gets one hundred percent attention and treatment. Fixing devices is our pride and joy. Our team have been doing this for a long, long time, and we enjoy encountering problems in the same way that they can annoy others.

Try us – we have an excellent reputation and promise that you won’t be disappointed.